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Welcome, Rolly Pollies Families!

I am so excited to offer Modern School Portraits to Rolly Pollies families this year!

I will be at Rolly Pollies for Picture Day on two dates: Wednesday November 15th from 9am-2pm &
Thursday November 16th from 9am - 12pm

All class levels/ages welcome either day, no sign-up necessary

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Jessica, and I'm a local family and portrait photographer. I'm also a mom of 2 little girls and a music teacher!

I'm so excited to be partnering with Rolly Pollies this year to offer Modern School Portraits. These will be a keepsake from your time at Rolly Pollies as well as a beautiful portrait of your child, captured authentically just as they are right now in this stage of their lives. 

What makes a Modern School Portrait?
simple, clean backdrops - no busy backdrops that take attention away from who the star of the photo is - your child! Modern School Portraits use simple backdrops, usually a solid color.

genuine expressions - no assembly line photos with only enough time to get a quick forced smile! My goal is to keep picture day fun and make each child feel comfortable enough to capture their special expressions that make them unique.

choices - Instead of the traditional system with the big box photo companies that take only one photo per child, with Modern School Portraits you will receive a small gallery of images of your child to choose from. (You also have the option to purchase all photos at a discounted rate if you can't choose, and prints and digitals are offered at competitive rates.)
So, here are the details!

I will be at Rolly Pollies to take portraits on Wednesday November 15th and Thursday November 16th. No pre-registration required, no sitting fee, and no obligation to purchase photos. You will simply get a link to your child's photos a few weeks after picture day, and choose if or what you'd like to purchase.

Preschool students will be photographed at the beginning of their day (don't worry, I will get to them before they get messy in the gym!) Parents can drop off as normal.

If you have class during Picture Day, you are welcome to arrive early, stay after class, or pop back to the photo booth for a minute during class for your portraits!

If your class does not fall on either Picture Day, you are welcome to come in at any time on either date to get your child's portrait done.

What to wear: Your child will only be photographed from the waist up, so no need to worry about shoes, etc. when choosing an outfit. You can wear whatever brings you and your child joy but some things you may want to keep in mind when choosing an outfit: texture always photographs well so knits and other textured fabrics are always good choices. Patterns and solids will both photograph well but I always recommend avoiding graphics as they can tend to be a little distracting in a professional portrait. 

Other things to keep in mind: The focus will be on your child's face, so I recommend making sure their hair looks the way you'd like and give their faces a little scrub before you come in for the best results. (I will have water wipes on site too in case they need a little touch-up!)

Have questions? Feel free to reach out any time! 

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