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In a family session we...

take our time

keep it fun

celebrate what makes you special


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So your photos are uniquely YOU

Options. I love that each family I work with is different and special in their own way, so I give you options for which type of session fits your family best. Not into posing but you'd love photos of your family in action and just enjoying each other? Maybe an adventure session is right for you (if you don't mind getting a little dirty!) Driving yourself crazy trying to get one nice photo with all your kiddos looking? Maybe a Play-Based Portrait Session is for you. Either way, I have you covered. And if you can't make up your mind? Well, I've got you covered there too.

Customization. These are not one-size-fits-all sessions. Beyond choosing from the session types below, we will further customize your session so that it's perfect for you. During booking, I will send you a questionnaire so we can figure out the perfect location for your session. If your session type includes it, we will brainstorm and plan any activities we might do during our session (maybe a short dance party or a little picnic at an outdoor session or if we are in your home it may be things like snuggling up on the sofa to read books or baking cookies.)

Personalized. Besides asking questions about your family and your preferences for locations and activities, I will ask you a little about your kiddos so I can learn more about them. Knowing a little bit about what makes your babies special helps me gain their trust a little during our session so their best self can shine through in your photos. I want them to feel good about their photos and be proud and happy to look back at them as they grow. The kids will always be the stars of the show in our sessions.



Adventure sessions are focused on capturing candid moments as you enjoy a mini adventure with your family. If you've ever been out with your family and thought, "I wish someone was following us around to capture these moments!" then this might be the session for you. I will still direct your session by giving a few fun prompts and loose direction to guide us toward the prettiest light but we won't spend too much time trying to get posed images, especially if the kiddos aren't into it. And there will be plenty of time where I will just step back and let you be as a family, capturing your love and connection. You can dress it up or dress it down - anything goes as long as you're okay with getting a little wet or dirty!

20 high resolution digital images (your choice, chosen from your online gallery)

30-45 mins



Play-Based Portrait Session

A portrait of your family with everyone looking... but make it fun! Easier said than done, especially if you have little ones, right? Believe me, I get it! But leave it with me. In a Play-Based Portrait Session the goal is to get "the shot" and we are mostly after smiles and eye contact with the camera. BUT we keep it fun. We tell jokes and play games so we even end up with some playful, candid moments as well. If you are forever trying to get your kids to cooperate for "just one nice picture!" this might be the perfect session for you. Let me worry about that for once so you don't have to - just enjoy the moment with your kiddos (and your portraits after!)

20 high resolution digital images

(your choice, chosen from your online gallery)

30-45 mins



A Bit of Everything Session

Do you love both posed and candid images equally and can't decide? Me too! This is the session I would choose if I were to book with myself! lol This session will be a little longer to allow plenty of time for everything. Here's how it will typically flow - Some time in the beginning with everyone together (while your outfits are still fresh! haha) - We keep it light and fun, tell jokes, play games, and spend time with each kiddo and all together as they are comfortable - I always follow their lead and never push kids to do anything they aren't comfortable with. We will probably try to grab a few more family shots once everyone's comfortable and then in the last part of the session we will have our little adventure/activity where we won't worry about portraits at all and just capture you in the moment. We will plan it ahead of time - it can be anything you choose but depending on the location it could be playing in the water or the sand or mud, having a dance party, taking a short hike, playing a game your family loves, or you could even choose a calmer activity like bringing a picnic or some books - the idea is just that I will step back a little and let you and your family just be. These sessions are a little longer and come with more images because there will be more to capture!

30 high resolution digital images

(your choice, chosen from your online gallery)

60 mins



Home Sweet Home Session

Want a session that will capture your family as well as your little corner of the world? Home sessions are a perfect way to do just that. We can take photos inside your home, in your yard, your porch, or even around your neighborhood. We will take a few posed portraits as well as lots of documentary and lifestyle images of you and your kids in your element. We will discuss before-hand what is important to you and plan when I come around that. We can do anything from going for a walk in the neighborhood to playing in the yard or the living room, cooking together, or even the little things you don't even think to document like your youngest on tip-toes brushing their teeth.  These sessions typically last around an hour or a little longer depending on our plan. They will come with 30 images that you can select from your digital gallery.

30 high resolution digital images

(your choice, chosen from your online gallery)

60 mins



Make it an Extended Family Session


Get the whole family together and make it an extended family session. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone you consider family are welcome. (If your group is over 20 people, message me for a custom quote)

Extended family session packages will receive all images in the gallery (no need to choose your favorites) 

Extended family sessions will typically last around 60-90 minutes. We will spend time photographing each individual family unit, as well as the whole group together and every special relationship in between (grandparents with their grandchildren, a photo of all the cousins, etc.)

Can't Choose?

Receive all digitals from your gallery


Receive all high resolution digital images from the gallery (no need to narrow it down to your favorites)

Galleries will vary in size but will typically include at least 50+ images.

You may add this on at booking or after you've received your gallery - the price will be the same regardless!

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